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embroidery picture

Size: 30 x 45 cm

Wholesale price: $37.85 minimu 60pcs/Order

Embroidery is a traditional craft in Vietnam for a thousand years. This is a job that any woman that Vietnam must also know. Plates manually wipe the girls who donated yeu.Theo embroidered traditional Vietnam, this is the symbol of faithful love that the boy will keep with you throughout life.
Interestingly, the monks of the embroidery is origin men and men now have many very good embroidery. Embroidery arts is a very meticulous, we can say that the art of drawing with the needle, it requires diligence, smarts, creativity, aesthetic as artistic color schemes and technical Art painting to another but differs in that the metal should be and.

Embroidery products extremely close to human life and adorn human life from birth until they retire from life. From the plate to wipe the table type, gas pillows, curtains, clothing ... to embroidery.

Embroidery products extremely close to human life and adorn human life from birth until they retire from life. From the plate to wipe the table type, gas pillows, curtains, clothing ... to embroidery.

The artisans of embroidery we can make any design you require from any of a portrait, a picture adaptation or any other design, we will perform exactly as desired you. We can bring you the products with value and use that time to be a work of art valuable.

In the process of producing embroidery products, the design artists played an important role, not only in the embroidery design stage but also in the process of processing replication products in the craftsmen. With experience of organizing our company, we can make the contract with any number of any. We can mobilize quickly, crowded artists made embroidery craft to make your request.

Who we are: Thank you for visiting our website . artexvhs is a leading handicraft producer and exporter in Vietnam with more than 1 year of experience. We established our export markets in various countries including United Kingdom, New Zealand, Denmark, US, Japan and Australia.

Our products vary in models, are diversified in design styles in an excellent combination of the mordern and local traditional cultures. Our products are handmade by local craftmen in a due diligent and careful manner with full of senses.

Our products are made in a strict quality assurance policy over durability, colour mix, design, identicability in strict observations of employees health and environmental impact.

We receive orders to supply luxury handicrafts in large quantities either for local customers or foreign customers. We are also seeking for collaboration with local and foreign producers, trading companies with regard to handicraft trading

Founded by Hanoi forestry joint stock company and dedicated to the development of artists of independent vision and the exhibition of their new work, the Artexvhs celebrated its 12th Anniversary in 2009. In 2008 Hanoi forestry joint stock company  a group of colleagues and friends at Artexvhs , Utah to discuss new ways to enhance the artistic vitality of the Vietnam handicrafts club. The result was the establishment of the Artexvhs dedicated to the support and development of emerging craftsman and designer of Vietnam trade village association 

What we do: About 20km to the south of Hanoicity central in Vietnam have a  5.000m2 ARTEXVHS Manufacturing was established as a private company specialized in Gifts and Crafts of Lacquerware , Natural Bamboo,Wooden funiture . Being an inheritor of handicrafts fine arts and after many years study ARTEXVHS is now the first factory with honor being able to catch up with international markets to produce the most modern and life-stylish designs which are handmade skilful products with natural materials bamboo,ceramic,wooden,banana, sedge, jute, rattan, hard wood... 

In general it may be impossible to live without ARTEXVHSs products in such a nice and lovely house from utensils such as tray, plate, bowl, cupboard, box,candleholder, photo album,coffee table, frame of mirror or picture,to ornaments decor such as vase, picture arts, lamp; Bathroom furniture as Laundry rattan, Tray, Binand kitchen sets. Especially our products are not rare materials or prohibited or harmful to your family and society as well.  ARTEXVHS is pleased to be an honor supplier in field of fine arts products to any im-exporters, distributors, consumption channels in whole world

Designing handicrafts at request by customers.
Producing handicrafts in large quantities at request by customers in a strict observation quality, quantity, design, specification and deliveries.
Collecting, packaging and direct exporting handicrafts.

We have a team with proven experience in producing these handicrafts with established production policies and manual to ensure high quality outputs. We commit to deliver our best products with competitive prices.

For more information please contact: 

Ms : To Quang Vinh

Sales Department
Hp: (84-9)3699 1516

YH: wholesale.handicraft


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Mr: Timmyvo


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